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LEBOlution is a web-based extensive calculation and order solution that every customer can use. 97 percent of LEBO-products are completely regulated and can be calculated and ordered, quickly and easily, in real time.

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Your quick access:

A video that quickly explains LEBOlution
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Product data, prices and discounts
available in real time

As a specialised dealer, LEBOlution allows you to always work with real-time data. Product data, prices and discounts are always up-to-date. You can rely on correct product selection, specifications and prices.

Complex door systems, also for novices
are easy to calculate

Another advantage is the automatically ongoing plausibility check. The system will lead you to the correct product selection with the corresponding price. LEBOlution's automatic regulation also facilitates complex element calculations for novices.

Weiterer Vorteil ist die automatisch fortlaufende Plausibilitätsprüfung. Du wirst durch das System zur korrekten Produktauswahl mit entsprechendem Preis geführt. Die automatische Beregelung von LEBOlution macht daher auch komplexe Elementekalkulationen für Einsteiger möglich.

Minimise sources of error
Maximise customer service

Lower coordination requirements, minimise errors in your calculation and your offer and accelerate your sales process. This means less expenses in sales and more time for customers and acquisition. You can always change your offers and calculations in the order later with a few mouse clicks.

Improved customer service
even outside of business hours

LEBOlution is available to you from Monday to Sunday around the clock. Work faster and more flexibly - independent of business hours.

Familiarisation period: 30 minutes
You can start right away

It takes half an hour to become familiar with LEBOlution. Whether apprentices, novices or professionals: Every user is then capable of selecting complex door systems with a maximum of one minute configuration time - quickly and most of all with certainty. The element detection automatically joins the fittings or necessary accessories of doors and frames.

Interfaces for saving even more time
in your daily business

The connection via a technical interface enables optimum and automatic data exchange between your ERP system and LEBOlution. This means even less effort for you and even more time savings.

Users with the following systems already profit from it:

  • Allgeier It Solutions ("Syntonia Logic 8" and older versions)
  • Navision GWS
  • TimberTec

Implementation is quick and easy via remote servicing.

Would you like to use LEBOlution and connect it to your ERP system? Very good! Don't hesitate and write us a message right away.

Personal support
for you - guaranteed

You profit from ongoing improvements to the system. Our friendly support hotline is here to answer your questions at +49 2871 9503-111.

We want to increase the products, functions and support available in LEBOlution. That is why Björn Tepasse has been providing assistance as the personal contact person since January 2016. Upon request, he can train you or your employees at your location.

Tips and tricks
for further reading

You will find this helpful summary of frequently asked questions from LEBOlution users here.