We are LEBO | LEBOdoors

Pleased to meet you - we are LEBO
Your door manufacturer from Bocholt in Münsterland

We have been around for 145 years - to astonish you with door designs, door functions, door variations and even more door service.

Producing innovations again and again.

Take a look at all the things we do for you and your door:

LEBO Style Worlds

With our style worlds we offer you a true door revolution: Dive into popular lifestyle and living styles. Find the one dream door that really suits you and your furniture.

LEBO Assortment

As a full-range provider we build standard doors, style doors, design doors and functional doors for you. Plus accessories, surfaces, glass inserts and many extra wishes that you can combine freely. LEBO gives you so much freedom.

LEBO Quality

People with a love for craftsmanship and doors work in our manufacturing workshops. We process the know-how of entire door generations and loyalty to retail trade in each and every LEBO door - just for you.

LEBO Offers

As a traditional family-operated company our channels are short and our demands are high. That's how we stay flexible on the market and guarantee high-grade doors at a fair price. For today, tomorrow, and the day after.

LEBO Solutions

The largest selection of white lacquer doors, your dream door starting from 1 piece or our quick programme with delivery in just a few weeks: When it comes to new solutions, we are ahead of the rest and at your service.

LEBO Logistics

Making an order the day before loading? With an extra spy hole or ventilation grille? Not a problem for our flexible retrofitting service. Thanks to 40,000 doors directly from the warehouse and modern machinery your extra wishes are fulfilled. Even at the last minute.


We make it easy for your dealer: With the digital LEBOlution order system and refined extra services for each delivery. Our strong door services are appreciated by customers in over 40 countries.

LEBO Sustainability

We treat wood with finesse and respect. We have had our way of doing things certified many times. So that forests and their wood are preserved as the most natural thing on earth for your children as well.


We are there for you and your door even after your purchase has been made. With valuable door information from the dealer and the LEBO blog. It provides you with door tips, door tricks and great door stories. Stay tuned.

All this is LEBO

Only LEBO offers you doors with so much tradition, innovation, service plus the spirit of the future. You too can enjoy opening your door every day. With LEBO.