Door production with LEBO | LEBOdoors

Door production
is a matter of heart for us

With a great deal of dedication, we manufacture every door and frame according to your exact wishes. Our manufacturers are located at two locations in Germany: We produce the door leaf for you in Bocholt (Münsterland), with a whole lot of technology. The matching frame comes to you from Krakow am See (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). With each delivery you receive a German quality product - honest, reliable, fair and on time. In addition, LEBO provides you with a high level of flexibility and innovation. This means: We are always thinking of ways to deliver even more beautiful, original and quicker solutions for your door.

There is a reason why we are the Woody Award winner in the "Innovative Products" category. And the best part: With LEBO, you can easily choose how your dream door is put together. Each individual part is carefully inspected for you. You can see, and above all feel, the "Made in Germany" quality. Your door has experienced a lot before it looks the way you want it to. What exactly? We tell you that here.

Door production Part 1: Your design

The first step is the basic design. The size, thickness and shape of your door is determined according to your specifications. If your door is meant to satisfy certain requirements, like fire protection or sound insulation, it is outfitted with those inner parts. Surfaces like CPL, HPL or veneer are applied now. We rely on precision machines and finesse during manufacturing. This combination guarantees that your door has maximum functionality and quality - at a fair price.

Door production Part 2: Your look

The visual work on your door takes place in the second step. The door edges are shaped and the light openings are made. If desired, your door is painted in several layers. Finally, the varnish sanding is performed manually with great care. The special feature at LEBO is that we critically inspect your door after each part is treated. Our employees are very particular when it comes to this. Because a door only becomes a LEBO door when it meets our high demands - visually and technically.

Door production Part 3: Your technology

This is the final part of door manufacturing: This is where all the drilling and screwing takes place. Your door is given the fittings of your choice, the lock and hinges. Sliding doors get their shell handles. Wing doors are first outfitted with door handles when they are installed in your home. Ventilation grilles and spy holes are installed for you in the final step of door manufacturing. The entire production is subject to high-quality standards. This is because the people that work at LEBO only have three things on their mind: Doors, better doors and even better doors.

The wood that your dream doors are made of.

Not only do we make your door in Germany, we also obtain the raw materials for it in Germany. Over the last 145 years as a door manufacturer, we have held a lot of wood in our hands. We treat this unique material with the utmost respect - just like our forests that provide us with this healthy resource. At LEBO we have introduced many certifications for protecting our environment and for sustainable forestry management. We gladly also let others peek over our shoulders in this respect. We are happy to learn new things when it comes to new measures for preserving wood and our nature.

You can find extensive information here about the environmentally-friendly measures at LEBO.

By the way, sustainability is anchored in each of our 250 employees. In addition to pristine craftsmanship and a scrutinizing eye, everyone here works from the heart - hearts that are full of love for wood.