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Because sustainable door manufacturing
is a matter of honour for LEBO and because nature is simply a good thing.

Why we act in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way

The oldest building material in the world has already been attributed with many good properties in mythology. Today it is valued by people with allergies because it does not attract dust. This most natural of all raw materials also has a positive effect on your room's climate. It increases your sense of well-being, lifestyle, health and makes your home feel cosy and warm. No other material has as many positive aspects for your body, spirit and senses: namely wood.

We have held a whole lot of it in our hands over the last 145 years. We are protecting our resources and our forests so that the next generations will also be able to use this unique raw material and enjoy natural living spaces.

What we actually do to protect the climate, environment and nature

We are mindful of saving water, energy and materials in each step of the manufacturing process. Each of our 250 employees helps actively. We carefully collect sawdust and use it to heat our production building. We use water-soluble substances for our door lacquers whenever possible. Our energy management is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. And we surprise you with sustainable innovations like our thermo door. So that warmth stays inside the room and the environment can relax. For us, sustainability doesn't just mean preserving resources, it also means preserving quality: in our relationship with you, our dealers, our partners and our employees.

At LEBO you don't just get high quality doors - you get doors that you can open with a good conscience. Now and for the future.

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LEBO is ClimatePartner-certified...

... and supplies carbon-neutral products.

​​​​​​​In addition to calculation and reduction, the offsetting of CO₂ emissions is an essential step in comprehensive climate action and a key component of our climate protection strategy.

Greenhouse gases, such as CO₂, are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, meaning that the concentration of greenhouse gas is roughly the same everywhere on Earth. It is therefore irrelevant where on Earth emissions are produced or avoided.

That’s why we compensate for our remaining emissions by supporting climate protection projects in collaboration with ClimatePartner, More information can be found at or here. Take a look at our CLIMATE PARTNER-CERTIFICATE.




LEBO is PEFC-certified

We set a clear mark with the world's most important seal for sustainable forestry management and origin-controlled wood products: We take a close look at where our wood comes from.

Would you like to find out more? Mr. Achim Krasenbrink ( is happy to give you detailed information and answer any of your questions.

Take a look at our PEFC-certificates here: Bocholt and Krakow am See.

LEBO is a member of the RAL Quality Association

Through the Quality Association for interior doors we ensure impeccable quality for our architects, craftspeople, dealers and you. Including sustainability in wood production.

LEBO is a member of the Verbands der Deutschen Holzwerkstoffindustrie e.V. (VHI) (Association of the German Wood-based Materials Industry)

We engage in important initiatives in the industrial association: "Using Wood Responsibly" or HolzProKlima (WoodProClimate) - on a national and international level.

LEBO is an associate member of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) (Institute of Construction and Environment)

We have had our sense of responsibility and environmental impact at LEBOdoors tested by third parties. The certifications confirm internationally that we act sustainably as a company.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION in accordance with ISO 14025 und EN 15804

The HolzProKlima (WoodProClimate) initiative

Wood products store CO2 over their entire lifespan and use less energy than concrete or steel. Our goal is to inform the public and politics of this.

The "Using Wood Responsibly" initiative

In order to secure over 100,000 jobs in the domestic wood industry, we stand up for handling resources responsibly, for climate protection and the sustainable use of forests.

LEBO is a participant in the VOC-emissions evaluation

As part of a research project at the Frauenhofer Institut for Wood Research in Braunschweig and Rosenheim, we examine the positive effects of wood on interior room air and document the benefits.

LEBO is certified in accordance with ISO 50001:2011

LEBO take on responsibility for the environment. That's why we have active energy management for the entire company. Our ISO 50001-2011 certification certifies this.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable, even in the future

This is just the beginning. We are excited about many more projects and measures with our partners and associations. So that LEBO doors really satisfy everyone - including our environment.

Heute startet die bundesweite Kommunikationsinitiative HOLZ RETTET KLIMA und wir sind Teil der Mission Holz 2030.

Alle weiteren Informationen finden sie hier.

LEBO verfolgt mit der Klimaschutzstrategie das Ziel, Emissionen zu reduzieren und zu vermeiden. Unsere Produktionsstandorte in Bocholt und Krakow am See decken ihren kompletten Strombedarf zu 100 % mit bezogenem Ökostrom aus erneuerbaren Energien. In Deutschland erfolgt dies in Zusammenarbeit mit dem zertifizierten Anbieter „naturstrom“.